The Genie Script Review 2021 — Wesley Virgin

In this article, I will share with you my honest opinion about a new 30-day meditation/manifestation program called The Genie Script that has recently being making the rounds online.

So if you are unhappy with where you are financially, emotionally, or mentally (just like I was 3 months ago), then keep reading — because in this article, I’ll present my unbiased perspective on the Genie Script program so that you can make an informed decision of whether or not you want to jump into it.

Prefer a video r eview instead? Check out this authentic video review I found on YouTube.

Want to know what I personally think of the program…then keep reading :)

First, let’s start with some introduction.

Hi, my name is Mikey.

And as a lot of people can relate, the year 2020 has been challenging on many levels. It’s funny, I remember having a chat with my mentor the other day and feeling SO STUPID for being the harbinger of all the unhappiness and financial loss I’ve experienced this year.

You may be asking — Hold on a sec’ — how’s all that related to the review you wanna give?

I’ll explain…but before that, can I share a QUICK personal story with you?

2019 was a breakthrough year for me — I grew my business 400%, travelled to 7 countries, and even got back in shape. Looking back, I thought I had figured out the “magical keys” to business success and happy living until 2020 hit.

In the midst of all of health and economic crises of this year, the mass media became my newest favorite obsession. And after a 1 month or 2 of consuming all that garbage, I began to witness my financial and emotional white picket fence crumble right before my eyes.

Then came along an avalanche of setbacks: I lost 70% of my clients…struggled to stay afloat of my bills…become 10x more stressed…and even picked up some unhealthy eating habits.

In a nutshell, I lost my financial and emotional confidence and I became a slave to my own limiting beliefs and fear-propelled mindset.

Fortunately, the universe aligned in my favor when my mentor gave me a surprise call one day… and he was SHOCKED beyond his mind when he heard me talk.

He was shocked at how the 2019 version of me — you know, the confident, happy, and strong version of me had changed dramatically into a sad, broke, and fearful version of myself.

It didn’t take long before he diagnosed the problem as well as the source of the problem.

My problem — Severe Scarcity Mindset

Problem source — Poor financial, mental, and emotional dieting

His recommendation — Taking the 30-day Genie Script Program.

Upon hearing his recommendation, I was skeptical at first.

I still remember telling him :

“Really, you just want me to buy an online program to fix all my mindset problems?”

But somehow he managed to convince me to give the 30-day Genie Script Program by Wesley Virgin a try…and that 30-day experience became the best thing that happened to me this year. Period!

If I remember correctly, by Day 9(or thereabout), I woke up one morning and for the first time in a really long time, the energy all around me was infectiously positive.

In my own personal testimony, the program worked like MAGIC (sounds cheesy, I know) in fixing, reshaping, and reconfiguring my mindset. And upon completing the program, I just knew I had to unselfishly share my review with anyone who could benefit from it.

Now, let’s talk about all the reasons why I personally recommend The Genie Script.

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So now that you know the background story behind why I’ve written this review, let’s dive into what the program is all about.

So first things first, let’s talk about the name — “The Genie Script”.

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t like the name. Reason being that it sounds somewhat gimmicky.

But I kinda get the logic behind the name though. Wesley Virgin is trying to paint the idea that just like a Genie who can make a wish come true, everyone of us can also manifest our dreams and desires if we properly understand the right techniques to apply.

So now that we know the rationale behind the particularly interesting name, let’s talk about what the program is about.

The Genie Script is Wesley’s new 30-day program where he shows you how he applied a unique meditative technique to manifest a better financial, emotional, and mental life for himself.

In the program, he talked about how this trans formative style of meditating effectively conditioned his mind for success and single handedly took him from being dead broke into making his first 1 million dollars.

I know you might be thinking — Does that stuff really work?

Well, again, if I’m being sincere, I was initially skeptical at first because of all of the fake gurus out there on the internet.

Because what made me keep listening to Wesley Virgin were his treasure trove of proofs. This dude literally documented every major milestone success he had and it felt like I was watching someone’s biography being played out.

Another thing I can attest to about his program is the depth of quality research that went into it. This isn’t a typical course program where a hungry dude just does an admixture of information, packages them, and tries to sell it at a premium price.

I can genuinely attest to the fact that the level of research that went into this program was mind-blowing and I found the information he was sharing highly practicable.

I’ve heard a lot of self-help gurus like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, etc. speak on the subject of success meditation. But in my own evaluation, what Wesley Virgin shares in his program seems fresh and very intuitive.

And considering that he isn’t just spitting things he hasn’t tested, I was open-minded and confident enough to commit to the program.

And just to stress on last thing before I go on to talk about the resources in his program, if you are going to get results from this program, you’d have to be very open-minded.

I didn’t come into it with an attitude that suggest that I knew better than the trainer. Since my results weren’t better than his, I simply opened up my mind to absorb his knowledge like a sponge.

Okay, with that said, let’s move on quickly to talk about the resources embedded in this program.

By The Way, You Can Check Out Additional Information On the Program From Their Official Website Here

So here’s what you’ll get by enrolling inside The Genie Script:

A. 4x 10-Minute Meditation Every Week


During these 10-min sessions, Wesley teaches how to master his unique meditation techniques. There are four (4) of these session every week.

B. Video Training On The 5 Meditative States

The genie script mind hack

The root of successful meditation is really understanding the process. So in these training videos, Wesley breaks down the 5 brain wave states (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma). He also goes in-depth into the benefits of each state and when to put yourself into each state to see the best results.

C. Access To Wesley’s Private Facebook Community

I’m personally a big believer in the power of community. So I was personally happy that Wesley included a private FB community where you’ll be able to connect with people with similar aspirations and vision like yours, get inspired by other people’s results, and most importantly, stay focused for the entire 30 days.

Bonus #1: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track

This simple binaural beat track will engage your brain in a totally unique, highly-potent state of manifestation simply by listening to it.

Originally published at on December 13, 2020.



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